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Thomas Jefferson

Thomas Jefferson, one of the United States’ most notable founding fathers, is today most notably known for his limited view of how much should i pay someone to take my online class. In the year 1801, the Antifederalist president stated the following with relevance to how he believes the government should run: “A wise and frugal government… shall restrain men from injuring one another, shall leave them otherwise free to regulate their own pursuits of industry and improvement, and shall not take from the mouth of labor the bread it has earned. This is the sum of good government.”. I uphold Jefferson's view because, while government is the only way to create order among humans, there is a note-worthy balance between creating a just land and upholding free will.

I also believe individuals to pay someone to take online class for me reddit. In short, I support his view of a weak government. As Jefferson upheld, government is the only way in which to combat the malicious natural state of humans. According to seventeenth-century English philosopher Thomas Hobbes, from whom Jefferson developed his ideas from, the state of humanity without the advent of government is one of absolute terror and where nature is a war of all against all. Hobbes introduced the world to the idea of the social contract wherein citizens of a land give away some of their free will in turn for protection from the government, or the Leviathan as Hobbes called it. Since this enlightenment, it has generally been accepted that it is the government’s main purpose to provide its citizens protection. The point to take away is that the government should protect its citizens’ inalienable rights. Although the social contract states that citizens trade free will to the government in turn for protection, individuals are still entitled to a certain degree of free will as Jefferson noted.

There is a healthy balance between creating a just land and upholding free will. So long as a citizen is not injuring or infringing upon the rights of another, they should be allowed to regulate their pursuits. This is vital as if a government unnecessarily takes away one’s free will, they will be resentful of that government. Essentially just as Jefferson believes, one should be free to do what they want if it does not hurt another. Just as the government needs to respect one’s free will, I believe the government should also respect essay writing services reviews

The government shall not reap the benefits from a laborer if not for a just reason. For example, the government is entitled to taxes for protecting its citizens; however, the government is not entitled to anything above that. As you can see, the government should serve a limited role as Jefferson envisioned. The government is to provide order and protect the rights of its citizens while also honoring their free will. I believe this is a vital topic worth discussing as the public’s perception of government affects the very way in which every citizen lives. It is the epitome of an important issue.